Nitro OBD2 Busted.

Ok, we are back to this wonderful chestnut. Yes people, $10 devices that plug into your car cannot be trusted to reprogram your ECU, increase your HP, your fuel economy, cure your ED or even make your poop smell like fresh baked cinnamon rolls.


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New Chanel Trailer!

I gave up on transferring the entire video backlog onto the blog, but I am putting up the new stuff! And on that note here is my new Chanel Trailer! Enjoy -Harlan

How Lean Burn works and why the Rotary Engine

I describe how the Shell Opel P-1 got 376Mpg, and how I plan on getting at least 40Mpg on my RX-8. I also go into why rotary engines may be uniquely suited for lean burn.
Errata: The Opel was a 4 cylinder not a V-8.
Information on the Shell Opel P-1:
All Images used with permission.

Keurig Autofill Hack

I risk life and limb to make my Keurig auto fill with water and avoid the dreaded blinking light of no coffee. It takes water from my Reverse Osmosis unit and fills the reservoir with a float valve.

Broke Down with a busted belt

I the Blue Beast broke down on my way home from work. So I did the natural thing and fixed it while still in my work shirt. I can neither confirm or deny that the problem was my fault. (Spoiler: I got lazy and busted an old belt that should have been replaced.)