How Lean Burn works and why the Rotary Engine

I describe how the Shell Opel P-1 got 376Mpg, and how I plan on getting at least 40Mpg on my RX-8. I also go into why rotary engines may be uniquely suited for lean burn.
Errata: The Opel was a 4 cylinder not a V-8.
Information on the Shell Opel P-1:
All Images used with permission.

My 4 Psi Non-intercooled Rx8 The Blue Beast


Trying out my arduino/Teensy 3.1 based preturbo water injection and boost control at 4Psi. Had an issue where it would drop out of boost after 4krpm, but that was software only and has now been fixed.

Misfires appear to be from some bad IAT sensor wiring. Fixing when I get a new connector.