Explaining the blue beast!

Sometimes a good plan comes from a lot of bad ideas. I take a trip down
memory lane showing how I got here with my Rx8 the blue beast.
Modifications I’ve tried so far:
Preturbo water injection
Knock sensing
Knock controlled water injection/boost control.
Supercapacitor for starting.
CAN interface.
Dash mounted display.

Mr Zappy the unregulated charger.

An unprotected battery meets an unregulated charger.
Here is one of the sites I found with information on this style charger: http://www.johnsavesenergy.com/CapacitiveBatteryCharger.html#.V0tM6eTGBrE

My first Video Introducing the Blue Beast

A water injected turbocharged rotary? Yeah that’s pretty boring. Except
when it isn’t. In this episode I explain the concepts behind my build,
and where I’m going from here.

Spoilers: It’s a high compression rotary engine that is turbocharged
with no inter-cooler by using pre-turbo injection. Yes it has already
worked like this up to 8 psi, and no I’m not changing my mind.